Overview of Services & Pricing

Before you keep scrolling, I’ve made it simple for you to see some past examples of work here. 
We mainly show popular services. If you have an inquiry about something else, make sure to contact us.
You know what this is.. The backend work. The “boring” stuff. Whatever you determine this to be, then that’s what we do.
If you need a breakdown, this section pretty much covers the following: 
  • Calendar management
  • Email organization 
  • Organizing Digital files
  • Responding to customers/clients on your behalf
  • Automating/Simplifying certain aspects of business (setting up automated messages, updating your scheduler, etc)
  • The list goes on
We do occasional calls on behalf of clients if no program is used (reminders, confirmation, etc) but if it’s an everyday task or you need someone to make meet a daily quota, we won’t be a good fit for you. 
This one is pretty self-explanatory. As long as it isn’t anything illegal, we have this portion covered!
Based off .20/word for Blog Writing packages. This includes the pricing for any research and editing to be done once the rough draft is complete. 
  • ~500 words (roughly 1 page) $90
  • ~500-800 words (1- 1 ½ pages) $120
  • ~1000-1200 words- $150 (2 pages) 
  • ~1500 words – $180 (2 ½)
  • ~1800 words-  $210 (3 pages)
Independent writing packages will be created if this needs to be done weekly, biweekly, etc.  
Newsletters: $20-40.
  • Basic newsletter (if content/flow of newsletter & graphics is given and we just have to organize and place) $20
  • Option 2- $30 if light research needs to be done, graphic edit (ex. Looking for an answer to a question) but the content/flow is given 
  • Option 3- $40 we are starting from scratch. You have an idea, but not much else.
Pricing is dependent on needs. The following are BASE pricing.
  • For full management- we create graphics, provide content, engagement (20 minutes a day ), analytics report, and scheduling. This is based off a Mon-Fri schedule This STARTS at $1000/month. 
  • Engagement- packages start at $250/month per platform (mentioned pricing list 1 hour/wk)
  • Scheduling- packages start at $250 per platform (this is if content/graphics are provided) 1 post a day, 5 days a week.
Facebook Group Management starts at $300/month.
Evergreen Funnels- Starts at $300
If you need a funnel buildt with your opt-in freebie, we provide evergreen set up where we set up the flow for you, create templates for you to fill, and hook it up to your website/landing page. 
  • If we write the content for each newsletter, there is an extra charge of $75
  • If we create your freebie, there is an extra charge of $55 (if it’s only 1-2 pages) For mini e-books, it will be more. 
Website Updates:
We no longer build website unless you are taking advantage of one of our new packages. Take a look on our “Meet the Team” for referrals. However, we do help maintain. Plans start at $60/month. This includes updating plugins (WordPress), updating content, etc.