Meet the Main Team of AVAS!

Adriana- Owner & Head of Your Customer/Client Experience

You know my story, but I didn't tell you my main "gig" here! While I oversee everything, my jams are anything that revolves the client/customer experience & making your life easier so dealing with program set up, admin tasks dealing with customer/client satisfaction, Social Media Engagement, and Content writing are just a few things I personally handle.

Meet Kristen!

Kirsten Fagan is an Entrepreneur, Virtual Assistant, wife, and mother from Mobile, Alabama. Research & Data Entry is a popular request here at AVAS, and if you’ve utilized this service recently, you have her to thank! In her own business, B&G Virtual Solutions, she helps clients with other administrative tasks, social media management, Quickbooks management, and content writing. She brings that expertise with her to further assist clients and help out with AVAS!

Meet Tiena!

From administrative tasks, social media management, author services, and more, Tiena helps with a bulk of the other services provided here at AVAS and with her own clients at Crowned Services!

Our Partners

Everyone can’t do everything effectively.We know this, and this is why we’ve partnered with other businesses to make your search easier. Check them out! 

Meet Aleasia of HURTNPOET LLC Flex Your Voice Content Marketing

Aleasia "Lisa" Hurt is from a small, nestled town in Virginia. She relocated to Burlington, NC from Richmond, Va in 2011. She has provided Mental Health therapeutic services for 30+ years, yet her passion is in Writing . She is a poet and Marketing "Soul" Writer. Referred as an empath, She crafts niche content for the Empowerment Industry thought-leaders that speaks directly from one soul to another! Her destiny is to build a legacy by empowering the masses, one story at a time! To end, She truly enjoy sports; some would say a fanatic, even! She spends much of her down time binge watching Shark Tank and Elevator Pitch! She contends that a kind, stoic stance has the ability to to change how people view themselves and others. Visit her website to learn more about her and her services!

Meet Dr. Stevii of Just Stevii

Dr. Stevii Aisha Mills embraces a culture where fun is not just a niche, it is a necessity! Stevii is a native of Greensboro, NC and a proud graduate of North Carolina A&T State University, where Aggie Pride reigns. Her formal education consists of a BA in Public Relations and a MS in Human Resources, however Stevii's real life experiences have made her a well known social media influencer and gained her the title "The Chief IT Factor Cultivator"! A woman unashamed to incorporate tons of fun into her life and business, all the while declaring, "I love my life!", has made Stevii a highly sought out speaker and consultant. Connect with her!

** Shameless plug, I’m personally a member of her Money Makers Club and I highly recommend it! You can learn more about it here. **