Welcome to our little spot on the Internet! AVAS LLC is a Management, Mentoring, & Virtual Assistant business here to assist our fellow Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners! 

While we mainly serve those that are service-based, our combined skills can help most business owners and entrepreneurs. If we can’t do it, we’ve partnered with other amazing businesses to help you on your journey!

Meet the Owner


I’m Adriana! I started AVAS back in 2018 when I was pregnant with my second son. I could write a whole page on my journey, but I do that enough on Instagram and interviews. 

In a nutshell, I started out as an admin Virtual Assistant. Like many others, I didn’t know a lot about business, so mistakes were made. The more trial and error I went through, the better I became.

During my own struggles as an entrepreneur, I noticed a few of my clients were struggling with the same thing. 

  • Trying to start too many businesses/”side hustles” at once

  • No real processes or foundation set

  • Overwhelmed, but no set direction on what to do next

As a Virtual Assistant, it is our job to make life easier by helping others stay organized, staying on due dates, etc. The problem is that we can’t do our job effectively until YOU have yourself in order. 

I realized the need and started shifting my business by mentoring others on what they need to do before they outsource. 

Now, here we are! My team mainly runs the Virtual Assistant portion (only available to past and current VIP clients), so you will find me teaching, managing,  and mentoring other entrepreneurs so we can all grow together. 

If you’re struggling with laying down your foundation, avoid wasting time with Virtual Assistant services and book a Consultation call. Not sure on what you need? Take our quiz below to find out!

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Referral Program

Over 50% of our clientele comes from Referrals. We truly appreciate you thinking of us when others need help, so we have this program in place as a small token of our appreciation. *This only applies if someone signs up and becomes a client.*

  • Projects- For those under $500, you receive $25. For those over $500- $50. Current Clients, please refer to the Welcome Packet in your Portal. Client Portal

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